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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Allergy Season is Upon Us

So, what does that mean?  When did the season start? Most importantly, when does it end?

For over 40 million Americans that suffer from allergies, allergy season can be miserable.  Scientists have said that the 2015 allergy season promises to me more severe than usual.  But wait, what about our pets.  Pets visit the vets often for many reasons, but allergies are one of the most common reasons.  Pet parents often go to the vet’s office stating, “His itching is driving him crazy”.  Of course, your vet is the one to determine if your dog needs medication for your dog’s allergies or itchy skin, but Shopforpaws.com has just started to carry a great new product.  Canine Skin Solution was designed by two veterinarian that have the same concerns as all pet owners for their own dogs.  This shampoo and spray promises to be a great match for many skin allergies, itching, redness and more. 

Just like people, dogs can have allergy symptoms when their immune systems recognize everyday substances or seasonal triggers.

What Are the General Allergy Symptoms in Dogs?

Itchy, red skin
Increased scratching
Itchy, runny eyes
Itchy, swollen ears and ear infections
Paw chewing/swollen paws
Constant licking and chewing at skin and coat

Is your dog scratching and biting at their skin or coat?  There are three main reasons for dog’s skin to become itchy – the medical term for this is pruritus.  Is your dog’s skin infected? Is it too oily? Is it too dry? The most common is the dry skin. 

Is it dry skin?  Dry skin in dogs can develop this time of year as the seasons change and dogs are able to spend more time outside.  Many dogs are kept indoors during the winter months and the change in weather can bring on dry skin.  Dry skin can be recognized fairly easy, by looking under your dog’s coat and to the skin.  You may see flakes or dandruff under the coat.  Even a gentle touch on your dog will provoke scratching.  Dry skin can be caused by both environmental and diet.  If you live in the low humidity regions, it is most likely that your dog’s skin is dry. Dry dog food has many dehydrating effects on skin and hair, which can cause the dry and itchy skin.  Eliminating as many ingredients in their dry food can bring a stop to the dry skin.  Specialty dog supply stores can direct you to the proper food.  It may take a few attempts to narrow down what food is best for your dog.   

Just a few suggestions to help with dry skin:
  • Indoor humidifier will help by putting moisture in the air for dry skin relief.
  • Adding pumpkin to dog’s dry dog food adds moisture, fiber and vitamin E and nutrients
  • Adding coconut oil to your dog’s dry dog food is a great food supplement. You can also apply directly to dry patches on your dog’s skin.(Just like everything, introduce new foods slowly into your dog’s diet)
Or Allergies?  Allergies can make your dog’s skin dry, greasy, or dry and oily.  Allergies in dogs are on the rise and veterinarians believe that this can be from poor breeding habits and the feeding of processed food.  Many allergies will need to addressed by your vet and most likely require pharmaceuticals, in addition to finding the proper food.  Dogs also suffer from outdoor allergies, just like people, so it is important to take all precautions when dealing with allergies and see your veterinarian.

I have personal experience with allergies with my Labrador, Jette. 

She has had allergies for the past 5 years and they have continued to worsen every year.  She is constantly biting at her rear end, chewing at her paws and scratching at her ears.  Her ears will become completely swollen shut.  This has been the best year for her allergy relief, as we found a specialty pet food store in our community with an incredibly knowledgeable owner. I now have her on Signature Dog Food that has no additives, no gluten, and no corn.  It seems the corn was the trigger for my Jette.  The only way we came to that determination was by trial and error.  We had her on gluten free dog food and it made some improvement, but until we eliminated the corn she still had reactions. 

Good Luck and keep in mind finding out what your dog is allergic to can be time consuming and can have many trial and errors, but the end result will be amazing.  Your dog will be happy and healthy – and no more scratching.

Cece Garza, Owner

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