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Sunday, April 12, 2015

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

April is the month for animal lovers, animal support groups, and non-profit rescues to educate and spread the word about the importance of protecting animals in need.   For many of us animals are a part of our families and they bring unconditional love, joy and entertainment. But there are many animals that experience horrific neglect and abuse at the hands of their owners or strangers.  

Report animal abuse to any of the following: 

Call 911
Call you local HumaneSociety
Contact ASPCA  
If you need further assistance contact PETA at 757-622-7382 , option 2.  PETA will give guidance and support, as well as respond immediately if other officials do not respond to your complaint quickly.

Does the animal have regular shelter, food and water?
Does the animal seem aggressive or timid?
Have you witnessed someone physically harming an animal?
Does the animal have missing hair or extremely overgrown coat?
Does the animal have injuries that have not been treated?
Does the animal appear to be sick and uncared for?
Is the animal’s living space clear of feces and materials that may bring them harm?
Has a dog been on a chain with no attention?

Reporting Abuse or Neglect
  • Document by using a video camera, photographs or written notes of what you are witnessing.  This will help the officer determine abuse, as well as help in prosecuting the abuse.    

  • If you feel the animal is being neglected or abused but not sure if you are just being overprotective, call the humane society ( or one of the above offices) and let them make that determination.  It is better to be safe and sorry, and the officer will then be able to educate the person be reported on the animal’s rights.

  • Your name may be brought up if the case goes to court, but it is better to save an animal from an abusive situation than worry about what that abuser thinks of you.

  • Get the name of the officer, so that you are able to make any follow up reports and ask questions of the action plan for the animal.

ASPCA’s  “Report Animal Cruelty FAQ”.  This FAQ gives information on recognizing and reporting animal cruelty and laws. 

There are many happy endings to animal abuse and neglect situations - because of people that took action and cared for an animal in need.  April is, of course, only one month out of the year that is dedicated to helping prevent animal cruelty, but it is an ongoing reality that needs to be addressed daily until we get animals out of the hands of those that do not care for them.

Cece Garza, Owner

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