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ShopForPaws.com is the place for all your pet supplies. Our goal is to create a shop that has quality products needed for pet lovers and their four legged family members. We offer a wide selection of pet supplies including cat and dog toys, pet wellness, pet beds, pet collars, and a pet grooming section with all the necessities. ShopForPaws.com is inspired to help pets in need. We are committed to donating a portion of every sale to non-profit organizations that help animals in need. I am grateful to have found a business that will allow me to be charitable to our animal community. As an online pet supply shop we are quite unique, as our mission is to provide animals lovers a place to shop for their pet products while also giving back to animals in need. We consider it our responsibility to make a positive impact in the animal community.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Top Valentine Gift Ideas for your Dog

 Valentine’s Day has been a favorite for men, women and of course our school age kids for years.  It seems now that our furry friends and family members are getting in on the action.  According to the National Retail Federation Americans will spend an estimated $703 million on pets this Valentine’s Day…But when averaged out it is approximately $5.28 per pet owner.  That sounds more like it…right?   It rounds out to be about 35.7 million dogs and cats will receive a token of affection from their families this Valentine’s Day.

So, with that many families going out Valentine gift shopping for their dogs and cats, shopforpaws.com thought it would be a great idea to put together our TOP 10 List of Valentine Gifts for both cats and dogs. 

Top Valentine Gifts for Dogs:  
  • Fashionable collars are always at the top of gift lists for dogs.
  • Dog beds can be found in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes.
  • Kong Treat dispensers are a great way to win over Fito on Valentine’s Day.
  • Dog harnesses come in a variety of colors and fashionable prints
  • Homemade treats are always appreciated…Read more on our Pinterest page.
  •  Fashionable Dog sweaters will show off your dog’s style during those cool days.
  •   Dog bowls filled with goodies would certainly show your love.
  • A homemade gift basket filled with grooming products or goodies is sure to delight.
  • A new stuffed animal to call his own.
  • A dog bone with a big red bow will surely show him he is loved.
Top Valentine Gifts for Cats:
  • Fashionable collars top the list for kitty
  • A new snuggle cat bed will surely when over kitty this Valentine’s Day
  • Cat Nip filled mouse always shows you love.
  •   Kitty brush and comb set for a little pampering
  • Homemade treats are always a perfect gift.
  • A fashionable pet carrier that let kitty be on the go with you.
  • Cat bowl filled with goodies will take that finicky out of your cat.
  • A homemade gift basket filled with kitty grooming products or kitty toys is sure to brighten your cat’s Valentine’s day.
  • A new cat tree or house will put your kitty on top of the world.
  • Kitty activity center will keep them busy all day long.
Valentine’s Day can be a fun day to show your dog just how much you love them, but keep in mind traditional Valentine’s gifts can be harmful including alcohol, chocolate and flowers.  Valentine gifts can cause huge vet bills if your furry friend indulges in any of these gifts.

Here are just a few great ideas that Shopforpaws.com loves to recommend for all pet lovers to take part in.  These are a few ideas to show the pet lover in your life that you not only love them, but pets too.

If you are looking to adopt a pet for someone you love this Valentine’s Day, Petfinder.com has an online matchmaking tool that brings pets and people together across the country.  It’s an amazing program for someone that is looking to give a forever home to a pet. 

The San Antonio Humane Society wants you to share your Valentine’s pet photos by sending them to website@sahumane.org or via a private Facebook message at @sahumane.  San Antonio Pets Alive (SAPA!) is raising funds through Valentine's Day for their heartworm positive dogs. All gifts are matched up to $25,000. Visit www.sanantoniopetsalive.org for information.

Check to see if your local animal rescue is having a Valentine’s Day program to raise money for animals in need.  It’s an amazing gift to know someone that you care about gave money in your name to help what you are passionate about – and if that is caring for unwanted animals this would be a great gift over flowers and chocolates

Cece Garza, Owner


Every time you shop at ShopForPaws.com 
you help support animals in need.
Sunday, February 8, 2015

February is Pet Dental Month… Keep Your Pet Smiling Pretty.

February is Pet Dental Month and is a perfect time to remind all pet owners that regular dental care is crucial to keeping your dog or cat’s healthy.  According to Animalleague America studies have shown that only two-thirds of pet owners provide the veterinarian recommended oral care for their pets.  So, if you are one of those two-thirds you are obviously not alone.  Just like people, dental disease can lead to many different health issues, including damage to the heart, lungs and kidneys.  Preventive dental care is essential to your pet’s long and healthy life.

Toothbrushing is the best way to help care for your pet’s oral health.  Just like in people brushing teeth will keep plaque and tartar from building up.  Regular brushing has been found to preventing periodontal disease in cats and dogs.  Brushing your pet’s teeth can certainly be a difficult task, but well worth the effort.  All you need to brush your dog or cat’s teeth are cotton swabs or gauze, a small toothbrush and toothpaste formulated for dogs and cats, not people toothpaste. Read more for step by step direction on brushing your pet’s teeth.

What if you have not been brushing your pet’s teeth?  About 80% of dogs show signs of
gum disease by age 3, so if you have not been doing regular brushing for your pet it may be a good time to get a professional cleaning at your vet’s office.  There are great benefits for your pet to have professional cleaning done, however it is best to talk with your veterinarian before considering professional cleaning. 

Not all toys are created equal.  There are many toys that are
designed to help keep your dog or cat’s jaws strong and their teeth healthy.  Kong Dental, Nylabone Dental dog toys, Rawhide knotted bones, dental chews and dental sticks are all designed with various textures, materials and construction to help maintain good oral health in cats and dogs.  Not only are dogs and cats keeping busy, having fun and staying out of mischief – they are cleaning their teeth.

The most common symptoms of oral disease in cats and dogs can include: bad breath, yellow teeth, red gum edges, drooling, lack of appetite, difficulty chewing, mouth pain or receding gums and loose teeth.  Your pet may be in chronic pain, but you would never know it.  Dogs and cats have animal instincts to not show pain, so they are great at hiding it.   So as a pet owner it is important to check teeth and gums on both cats and dogs on a regular bases.

Shopforpaws.com has a great selection of pet supplies including cat and dog oral care products including, toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental chews, dental chew toys, dental sprays, drinking additives, and healthy oral care treats.  February is a great time for pet owners to be reminded about dental care for their dog and cats, so it also a great time to schedule that veterinarian appointment to get your dog or cat’s teeth checked.  Most veterinarian offices have a discount for oral care during the month of February, so it is a great time to have that yearly check up. 

Cece Garza, Owner


Every time you shop at ShopForPaws.com 
you help support animals in need.