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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas for Pets or Their Owners?

Ever since I was a young, the dogs and cats in our home have been a big part of Christmas morning.  A survey done by American Animal Hospital Association reports that 78 percent of pet owners consider their pets part of their family and will most likely buy them
Christmas presents.  I know my Bailey, Callie, Jett and Bear will certainly have their chew bones, new dog beds and dog toys under the Christmas tree this year.  As we all begin to shop for gifts this year, I decided a Top 10 Pet Gift List is worth the effort.  After all, it’s a great time of year to replace those dog items that should be replaced yearly.
  1. DOG TREATS - Dog treats are always on the top of the list for stocking stuffers.  Shopforpaws.com has a huge selection of healthy and organic dog treats, along with a variety of meat dogtreats, dog bones and dog chews.  Dog treats are always a great way to keep your dog entertained, healthy teeth and dog training must, so why not stuff your dog’s Christmas stocking full of these goodies.
  2. DOG LEADS AND DOG LEASHES - Dog leads are also a great reminder to keep your dog active, especially during the winter months when we all just want to hang out indoors by the fireplace.  Dog leads and leashes come in a variety of colors, prints, retractable, leather and styles, so have fun with this gift idea.
   3. DOG BEDS – Always a favorite.  I know this is the time of year that I replace all the dog beds in my house to make sure they are fresh and clean for the long winter months.  Dog beds come in a variety of colors, shapes, prints, fabric and models.  It is amazing what dog beds look like now – replace a piece of furniture with a dog bed – you would be amazed.  We have a variety of orthopedic dog beds that are great for the cold winter months and heated dog mats that help with older dogs or smaller dogs that need a little extra warmth on the cold days.
   4. DOG COLLARS – Dog collars can be so much fun to buy for your dog, as they come in so many colors, prints, fabrics…you name it, it’s out there.  Have fun with this one.  Dog collars are perfect to keep your pet safe, but also add a ton of fashion to your little guy or girl. 
   5. DOG CRATES AND DOG KENNELSDog crates are great for many dogs.  Dog crates are great for potty training and puppy training, but many dogs love the security of their dog crates, as it gives them a place of their very own.  Don’t forget the crate mat, dog bowl and the toy to make this place a perfect dog hang out.  Many dog lovers travel with their dogs, so a traveling dog crates make a perfect gift.  Collapsible traveling dog crates are perfect for your dog when you’re visiting other families, staying in hotels, or camping.
   6. DOG APPAREL  – Dog Sweaters, Dog Coats or Dog Accessories make great
Christmas gifts.  Dog coats and dog sweaters not only help to keep your dog warm on the cold days, but also add fashion to any occasion.  Shopforpaws.com has a huge selection of dog apparel including dog boots to protect their paws in ice, cold, or snow.
  7. DOG TOYS – Dogs love their toys.  Dog toys keep dogs entertained, busy, relaxed and a great bonding time for you and your dog.  Choose the toy that makes the best gift for your dog whether it’s a chew toy, a toy to chase, a toy to cuddle with, or the super durable KONG dog toys (my personal favorite).  You can’t miss with a great dog toy under the Christmas tree.
   8. DOG BOWLS AND FEEDERS – Christmas is a perfect time to get the new dog bowl or dog feeder.  They come in a variety of colors, material, shapes and sizes, so have fun with it.  Make a great gift basket for your dog or dog loving friend by using a dog bowl as the base then fill it with tons of toys and dog treats.  Wrap it up with cellophane and top it with a cute bow and dog toy or dog bone.  Perfect gift.
  9. DOG GROOMING GIFT – Add a dog brush, dog comb, dog shampoo or conditioner to a dog stocking and they will love it.  Grooming and brushing your dog is a great bonding time for you and your dog, so a dog grooming gift is a great idea.  Make a gift basket by using a bathing tub as a base (or a dog bowl) fill it with dog shampoo, conditioner, a dog brush and come.  Wrap it up with cellophane and top it with a bow. 
10. DONATE - One of my personal favorite gifts for my pets and the pet lovers in my life.  Find your local animal shelter or animal rescue’s list of needy items and take your dog on a shopping day.  Pick all the great stuff on the list and deliver it in person.  Great outing for you and your dog.  Donate to a local or nationwide pet rescue in the name of your family member or friend. Print off a certificate - they will love it.    

The best gift of all for your dog is the gift of time and companionship, especially during all the craziness of the holiday season.  Happy Shopping.
Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Traveling with your pets over the holiday?

If you are anything like me, I love my pets to go everywhere with me.  My problem is that I now have too many pets to take with me when I travel, but I have learned a lot over the years about traveling with pets.
If you plan to travel by car, here are a few tips to keeping your trip safe and comfortable for both you and your dog or cat.
  •   -  Carriers - Most cats do not like being in a car as it is, so give them a place that lets them feel comfortable and safe.  Cat carriers are perfect for keeping your cat safe in the car.  It’s important to restrain your pet carrier, so that you and your cat are safe.  Do this by securing the carrier with a seat belt around the front of the pet carrier.
  • ·      Carriers for dogs are also essential for keeping you and your dog safe during your travels.  Some dogs feel safer and more comfortable in a dog carrier traveling dog crate  or dog kennel while in the car.  It’s a great way to travel long distance, as your dog can have their dog bed, dog bowl and a toy to keep them busy. 
  • ·      If a dog carrier is not for your dog, the next best thing for keeping your dog safe is a seatbelt, although it has not be proven that seatbelt are effective for protecting your dog in a crash.  Restraining your dog in the car keeps every safe.  Dog seatbelts are perfect for keeping your dog from roaming in the car and distracting the driver.
  • ·      Just like our children, the front seat should be left to adults.  So whether your dog is in a dog crate or in a seatbelt, he or she should be in the back seat.
  • ·      Now, my dog loves to hang his head out the window, but this can certainly be a danger as they can be hurt by debris, so it is best if dogs keep their heads inside the car.  If you are using restraints of some kind, then this would not be an option anyways.
  • ·      Make frequent potty stops for your dog as you are traveling.  Remember to freshen up the water, food and toys at each stop.  Keep your dog on a secure lead, leash or harness.

Do your plans include traveling with your pet by airplane? Do your research on airline pet
traveling, pet’s health care during your travels, what pet carrier is required by the airlines, and how long will your pet be alone before getting on the plane. 
  • If you will be flying with your cat or dog, see if the airlines allow pets in the cabin.  If they do and your dog is small enough for this, by all means this is the best way to have a pet fly with you. Traveling pet carriers are essential to keeping them safe.
  • If your dog or cat will be flying in the cargo hold of the airplane, you should definitely do your research on the airlines. 
  • Check airline pet policies, requirements and restrictions before booking that flight.

Pets love to be with their owners as much as owners love to be with the pets, but if your dog or cat gets stressed with traveling, give them their own vacation.  There are great kennels in every part of the world that would love to have your furry companion stay with them for the holidays. 

Pet sitters are a great alternative to taking pets with you on the holiday vacation and keeping them home where they have their own bed and routine.  There are plenty of dog walkers that will also check in and take Fito on his daily walk.  They can stay close to home and keep an eye out for Santa.

Having your cat or dog travel with you or keeping them home safe and sound is ultimately your choice.  No one knows your pet as well as you, just no your facts about traveling risks, procedures, policies and requirements to make the best out of your holiday travels. 

Happy Holidays from our ShopforPaws family!  
Safe Travels.